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Rate of the tax

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:41 pm
by Castor37
I am looking for a written document which fixes the rate of the tax which is applied during the commercial transactions and which is materialized by the affixing of fiscal tibers during the period of the Republic of China Thank you
Castor37 from France

Re: Rate of the tax

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:32 pm
by archiem
There is a new book on revenues out written by Tom Shea, past editor of The China Clipper, published by the CSS. You might try that book, or contacting Tom Shea directly for more information.

Re: Rate of the tax

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:49 pm
by admin
I think in some instances is was a document tax ie; not directly related to the value.

I know the tax on a marriage was 40c for a very long time, deeds seemed to have a set fee also. Travel stamps in passports is another good example.

Take a look at some example documents here ... nPaper.htm

I have also been trying to make some sense of this for a long while.

Re: Rate of the tax

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:50 pm
by Castor37
Thank you for your answers; but I do not find the way to contact Tom Shea to get her book on tax stamps. Do you have an e-mail address? With my thanks John