Chekiang Revenue Re-touches

If you have an interest in the mysterious world of Chinese revenue stamps this is the place to ask your questions or post details of your finds. Keeping an eye on this section is Mr Tom Shea author of "Notes on China Revenue Stamps" (copies still available)

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Chekiang Revenue Re-touches

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A while ago I bought the album sheet shown below. This claims to show a series of re-touches, but does it? The question is - would they bother?

I know these stamps were for bonds but I know little more about them. They are listed in Chi Wen Yen's books but with no description only a number (and I don't have a key to what all the numbers mean - is there one)?

If you can answer any of these questions it would be a help and probably not just to me.

You might find it interesting to know that many of the images on the Forum are thumbnails - if you right click on them and save them to your desktop you may find much more detail in the larger image that makes interpretation easier.
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Re: Chekiang Revenue Re-touches

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These appear to be re-touches. We do not know the plate positions. The plate also appears to be quite dirty, consistent with revenues.

Can a CSS member enlighten us because in my sources there are no mentions of retouches. We probably need a full sheet scan.

The owner should be proud to own these and write them up.


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