Macau Tobacco Tax Stamp

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Macau Tobacco Tax Stamp

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Interesting. Anyone know the details??
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Re: Macau Tobacco Tax Stamp

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These tobacco tax stamps first appeared in 1950. Size 200 x 22mm. All are scarce and if you want to collect the full set there are 50 different versions. Each stamp had a combination of two colours (red & yellow etc.,). To find all these would be quite a challenge.

In 1955 they produced a similar stamp with a larger format size 480x60mm in blue. Due to the size I assume these would be used to seal full outer cartons and not cigarette packets.

I think your stamp is the blue and pale blue from the earlier series. Perhaps you could check the size and confirm this.

These stamps appear in Barefoots SOUTH EAST ASIA REVENUES, so that is where to look if you want more information.

It would be great to see some pictures of other values if anybody has any.

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