1949 Transportation Revenues

If you have an interest in the mysterious world of Chinese revenue stamps this is the place to ask your questions or post details of your finds. Keeping an eye on this section is Mr Tom Shea author of "Notes on China Revenue Stamps" (copies still available)

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1949 Transportation Revenues

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It has been 5½ years since I purchased my CSS specialized catalogue and I must say it has been invaluable in assisting me with my Chinese stamps.

I recently found some revenue stamps and was excited to find the China_Revenue_Stamps_2019.pdf on the CSS we site.

I found the section on the1949 transportation revenue stamps and it almost had everything I wanted to find out.

What I would like to do is create pages for my album for these revenue stamps.
The document states the range of values, but not how many distinct values there are or their colours.

Here is what I have discovered so far y looking at images on the internet:
$10 Grey Green
$15 Red Orange
$20 Red Brown
$30 Violet
$100 Olive Green
$200 Purple
$300 Green
$500 Brown
$1,000 Carmine
$3,000 Yellow
$5,000 Olive Brown
$10,000 Blue
$30,000 Vermilion
$50,000 ???
$100,000 ???
$500,000 Brown (Yellow Brown?)

I am hoping someone can help me fill in any empty values and/or colours that re missing from my list.

Thanking You in advance
Stay Safe

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Re: 1949 Transportation Revenues

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I'm collecting China revenue stamps and here is what I know about these transportation issues.

afaik these revenues are very complicated if you are trying to group them, there were issued from as early as 1946 to 1949 and many prints / values / printers exist so you cant just group them in a single line of values/colors.

There is a dedicated book called (The Transportation Series Revenue Stamps of China) written in detail by a Taiwanese author Jason Yu. This book is also bi-lingual so you might be able to get a copy and read it without problem.

If you are in a hurry I discovered this page (in Chinese), in which it lists all the transportation revenues in groups with both images and colors. You can use Chrome to translate the page for you if you want to read related Chinese text.

Hope it helps.

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