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C - 19 set

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:25 pm
by archiem
There is a lot of confusion about many early PRC issues.

For instance, I was recently contacted and asked if I knew when the set C - 19 was issued. I looked at 6 different PRC catalogues and see three different dates: 1952, Nov. 15 in three, 1952, Oct. 25 in two, and 1951, Dec. 14 in one. The site does not show an issue date.

My earliest CDS for a postally used stamp of this set has a Tientsin, 1952.12.1? cancel. I have another dated 1953.2.11 with the top of the cancel cut off, so no city PO indication.

Anyone have a magic crystal ball out there they can ask?