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Anticipating New Issues of Chinese stamps

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:29 pm
by billw
To anticipate new issues of stamps from the each of the four Chinese issuing agencies, China Post (The Peoples Republic of China), Chunghwa Post (Republic of China Taiwan), Hongkong Post (Hong Kong), and Macau Post (Macau), I rely on their websites.
The PRC website ( is only in Chinese. Therefore, I use one of the browser translating tools, for example I have it on my Google tool-bar, so I can activate it whenever needed. A word of warning, however, some of the translations do not make any sense, so it is necessary to use a different translator, like
The Chungwa website, ... D=24020404 plugs you directly into an illustrated listing of past and future stamps, all in English.
The Hongkong Post website,, is an English version easily read.
The Macau Post folks seem to change their website each year, requiring some searching around to plug into the new one. seems to work well for now. Note that you can select language of choice in the upper right.