Current fakes on ebay

Online auctions have proven ineffective when it comes to removing reported forgeries so help others to avoid these pitfalls by giving details of any fakes and fakers you see.

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Current fakes on ebay

Post by lasuss »

I have noticed a sudden surge of two fake minisheets from sellers in Germany. The sellers include saviassick, reichspost-stamp, tahker0 and markumlle53. They all have variable feedback. I attach a copy of one of the minisheets but can no longer fnd the auction for the second. People seem to be paying high prices for these fakes! I think Scott warns that there are some good fakes around.
Fake 1.jpg
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Re: Current fakes on ebay

Post by Roman »

Fakes are everywhere on eBay and everybody is happy to buy them for low price because geniune stamps are usually very expensive.

Here another example for USD 750.- (!) from "kennystamp" located Arcadia, California, United States: ... 2716983424

Fake overprint:
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