Unlisted Set

Join Roman and Simon as we do our best to test the listings made by Kerr and later by Chan. What has been missed? Which overprints have been assigned to the wrong towns? What is genuine and what is suspect? - You get the idea......

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Unlisted Set

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I attach a picture of a set of stamps that look very similar to a Harbin overprint - see Kerr 54 1-13.

The difference in in the stem of the 中 Chung which normally has to small lines coming from the tail. I attach a pictures with an arrow, indicating the area missing these lines. I am sure we are all very familier with these stamps.

These stamps have been around for a while, does anybody know anything about them?
HarbinRED1fExhibitA.jpg (16.77 KiB) Viewed 1896 times
HarbinLikeOpts.jpg (89.29 KiB) Viewed 1896 times
Harbin54.1.jpg (16.66 KiB) Viewed 1896 times

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Re: Unlisted Set

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HI Simon,

that's a good question! I have many of them as well (seems they are not rare) and many of them are used. But always with and unreadable cancel.

For the red overprint I have a set which includes 15 different values!

I will try to get more information.

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