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Japanese Occupation Help 5N10

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Dear Friends,

Could use some help confirming identification on my 5N10's. I scanned them at 1200dpi and have been moving the overprint back and forth and comparing under high mag but I'm losing my mind. Wish I had easier copies!

The top copy I'm pretty sure is Type I (99% sure). PRO: The first stroke (top horizontal) in "xi" is more narrow than any of the Type II's and is comparable to my other Type I's.

For the longest time I thought the bottom copy was a Type II. Or I've been trying to talk myself into it based on: (1) The first stroke (top horizontal) in "xi" is longer than the top copy. (2) The second stroke (left vertical) in "shan" has a decent amount of concavity which goes along with Type II & (3) The third stroke (right vertical) extends past the bottom with a little more flourish like a Type II. But the more I look at: (1) The first stroke (top horizontal) in "xi" is more narrow than any of my other Type II's (more comparable to Type I) & (2) the "xi" looks too narrow to be Type II.
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What I'm thinking now is that I have two Type I's and still need the Type II. In both copies, the second stroke (left vertical) in "xi" lacks any concavity typical for Type II.

For comparison, CKstamps just sold a set on eBay and has a pretty decent picture up. His 5N10's are soooo easy to differentiate.
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Would appreciate some opinions! Thanks!

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