Please help to identify this Due mark

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Please help to identify this Due mark

Post by candarin »

Hello everybody,
Could you help me regarding this Postage Due Mark on a piece of cover ?
Is that a Chinese one ? For sure it's not a French one.
Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: Please help to identify this Due mark

Post by archiem »

Good morning Candarin from Florida, USA.

I was hoping someone knowledgeable would answer your question. I mainly stick to the PRC so old ROC or Imperial markings are not my forte.

But If I remember, there is an (or more?) excellent book on the Postal Markings of China. One such is Peter Paget's book which is listed on Amazon. You can also search the China Stamp Society's library holdings at If you live in the US and are a CSS member, the library's holdings are available for loan. Contact Hugh Lawrence, the librarian at Unfortunately I have three different email addresses in my computer so if he does not reply, try searching for him on the CSS website. The CSS library is the largest bilingual library devoted to China philately in the world.

Hope this helps some.

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Re: Please help to identify this Due mark

Post by wlin98004 »


The cancel on the stamp is called a tomb stone cancel. The words indicate which post office it is. The best reference for specialist in cancels is Paul Chang's book. It comes in 10 volumes. There is a concise version that condensed the info into one volume.

Chang, Paul Ke-Shing. HISTORY OF POSTAL CANCELLATION OF CHINA PARTS I-X. Published 1989/1995. HB/10 volumes

The cancel has nothing to do with the postage due mark. Without seeing the whole cover, it is hard to decipher where the post due mark is applied. Normally the postage due mark is applied at the destination.

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Re: Please help to identify this Due mark

Post by Vilyehm »

Changsintien (Changxindian) 長辛店 Long Tired Inn
Post Office 郵局
岢? Compound

I don't think I got the last character right.

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