Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by BradS »

Hello, My name is Brad and I hail from Missouri. I have been collecting for about 8 years and recently decided I wanted to start a new country collection which is of course, China. I have little knowledge about the stamps of China but the fun of collecting is learning as your collection grows.The other countries I have been collecting are US Canada and France.
Brian Kennedy
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by Brian Kennedy »

I first collected stamps back in the 1970s when I was in high school. Back then my focus was U.S. stamps. When I got into college I stopped working on my collection. About a month ago I decided to get involved in stamp collecting again. I lived in Taiwan for 15 years and have a strong interest in Taiwanese culture so I thought I would start collecting Taiwanese stamps. I was in Taiwan from 1993 to 2008 and lived in Taipei and later in San Chung City (which is just across the river from Taipei).

I look forward to talking with the folks here about China/Taiwan collecting!
take care,
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by Benjamin »

Hi. I have just signed up to try and get some help identifying and information on some Chinese stamps basically. My great aunt passed away and left me her collection of stamps which she put together over about ninety years. She was a missionary in China pre and post WW2 and had collected 1000's of Chinese stamps and I thought I would spend some time finding out some information about them.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by arakan »

I collect Taiwan, some PRC, and Japan. I'm a member of CSS.
Rich Boyd
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by Rich Boyd »

Rich Boyd here, a collector of China with a specialty in Liberated Area stamps. I have been collecting for 45 years and I am the CSS publications and Youth contact. I'll be posting mostly on Liberated stamps but interesting covers from time to time.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by chefoofan »

I am David Murray, living in Hampshire, England. I've been collecting China stamps on and off for some years, with a special interest in Chefoo (Yantai) which is where my family were from before the war. The more I learn the more I realise how much I don't know, but having taken up the hobby again recently I continue to find it fascinating
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by parker54 »

Good morning

My name is Steve Herling Sr.

I am out of Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. I started collecting stamps as a young guy with my half brother. Unfortunately I took a many decade hiatus from the hobby. Eventually giving my childhood collection to my son.

When I returned back into the Philatelic world, I needed to refresh myself on the in and outs of the hobby. Only to realize I had forgotten so much. At that time I started to research stamp collecting in the hopes to become involved in a club, group and/or specialty. (Another way for me to say theme.)

I'm also an avid lifelong motorcycle rider. Therefore the logical theme for me is motorcycles. I joined the ATA on the advice of a local stamp dealer. Ordered my checklist. And started my research. Increasing the ATA checklist by just short of double. What a fun, self imposed project I worked on. In this project, Of course I found to my delight that there are indeed Chinese stamps with images of motorcycles.

When I finally began the actual search for the various thematic stamps, I found the Chinese stamps were quite difficult for me to work through. A reason any beginner would have. During that search, I came across the CSS. Making some inquiries, Mr Maxwell (President) was kind enough to politely refuse me access to the CSS web page based on my lack of membership. I immediately decided to join the CSS, reluctantly.

After joining, I found this society is a gem and wealth of information. Thank you CSS. I am quite pleased to be a member and look forward to many years of fulfilling several themes I have in mind. Thanks for having me as part of this wonderful society.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by rmmillerjr »

My pseudonym is R.M. Miller Jr. I use it for blog posts, licensing, web development, and code I make public. It has since become a moniker I use for my physical artwork and print publications. I am a 30 year old working artist, designer, web developer, and product innovator living in Los Angeles. I currently hold two USPTO issued patents, one trademark, and a handful of pending applications. Stamp collecting has been one of my strongest tools in the vast pit of art and design. It gives the modern entirety of a countries leaps, bounds, struggles, collapse, rebirth, or renamed history. It sheds light on countries who are often introverted from the global domain or builds realistic character among a seemingly military focused governments countrymen. It has helped me scale down the world and merge common interests. I will continue with the 'reasons' and 'whys' of my philatelic lifestyle much more in this forum, don't hesitate to PM me or add to any of my posts as I too hope I can be of help some help here.

since then,

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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by garo »

Hello everybody, I am a jewelry designer and daimond setter I live in Jordan, middle east,I am stamp collecter for more than 30 yearsI am 54 years old ,and also I inherted alot of stamps from my passed uncle 8 years ago ,and most of my stamps are very old ones from all of the world you can name it I have it and I can send any images of stamps I can send it for you,,now I s5opped collecting and I woul like te sell ,honestly I have a full room 4×4meter square all kind of stamps of the world ,from 1860 till 1980s.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by Schwam00 »

I am a collector of U.S. Postal history. I am an active exhibitor and am active in several philatelic organizations (APS, USPCS, AAPE, etc.). One of my collections focuses on the postal history of Boston, and it includes several letters sent between Boston and China up to UPU. One of my current and related interests is in very early letters into the U.S. From foreign countries. I have a letter sent into Boston during the War Rate period (1815). It is my understanding that letters sent from China into the U.S. This early are rare. Is this true? And could anyone tell me the date of the earliest recorded letter from China to the U.S. That entered the U.S. Postal system after the private ship captain (or passenger) dropped it at the post office?
Mark Schwartz
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