Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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Welcome to the China Stamp Society Forum.

We ask all new members to start here with a short introduction. Please tell us what areas of Chinese stamp collecting interests you most. What part of the world you are in and anything else about yourself that you would wish to share with other board members.

PLEASE USE THE - POST REPLY - BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE - if you start another topic your message will be moved to the Chinese Philately section.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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I am "doc032848" or Dr. George T. Luzitano. I have been a collector for 54 years and a China collector 35.
I am a former Director of the CSS, was Circuit Sales Manager for 7 years, have been on the Publication Committee for a long time as well. I have two books on China philately and a third in preparation. The CSS has them both. I have many articles on China philately, have won best article awards, and have collected virtually every part of China stamps in my 35 years. I have exhibited and won Gold and Vemeil, the APS Research Medal and the Best Post 1940 Exhibit awards.
In 2001 I sold most of my China specializing now in very specific areas, primarily the Post War Overprints of NE China.
I also maintain collections of the Red Posts and Chiao Tung (EC) that I hope to expand on one day.
Collectors can address question to me of nearly all areas, as I may no longer own the stamps but I still have the knowledge in tact I believe.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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Welcome to the CSS Forum. I am one of the moderators, and am here to assist.

I am Archie McKee, the CSS Chapter Coordinator. I am a 30 year collector. The Liberation Area Stamps are my passion but I am one of those that has never met a stamp from Mainland China that I don't like and appreciate. I am living in Florida, and hope soon to have a Florida chapter of CSS up and running.

Have a question? Ask and we'll see what the forum participants have to say.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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From my icon, you can tell I have a thing about monkey. I am a relative young China collector and want to learn more about Chinese stamps. I have been collecting Chinese stamps for about 20 years, I have not dwell on a particular area. So far I have been an accumulator and one day I hope I can settle down in one topic or a particular series of Chinese stamp.

I just visited China last week and went to the stamp market in ShenZhen and ChangSha. In both places, the market is pretty quiet with more than half of the stalls been closed or selling things other than stamps. Almost all of the stamps I saw are of PRC stamps. From the buy price, I can see PRC stamps are holding steady without the huge fluctuations experienced a few years back.

From the forum I hope I can learn from the old time collectors and promote the hobby.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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I have been a member over 25 years and as for stamps of China I collect only the German Offices and Kiautschou.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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Hi all,

i'm Roberto from Rome (Italy), i collect PRC and i'd like to start a "liberated area" collection.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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Kevin MacKeown, on and off China collector for 50 years, CSS member for 25+ years.
I have a better than 'starters' collection of Liberated Areas, but time is short and cash is low and I'm unlikely to bring it much further.
If anyone has good North Korea material, especially early used stamps, that I need I'd be happy to exchange individual items.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by Mohamed »


I've been a stamp collector for over 35 years now. I now buy and sell stamps and covers (mainly less common and rare items) from the following areas: US, China (Imperial, PRC, foreign offices and more), Japan, Russia (imperial, offices in China, Soviet Union,...), German colonies, North Korea and more. Feel free to contact me whether you're a buyer or a seller.
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

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"the_treasurer" aka Tracy Shew
I am a life member of the society. My areas of interest/expertise are wartime SYS issues through inflation period. I also dabble in NE Provinces/Manchukuo, express stamps & labels, and other pre-1949 stuff. Outside of China, I collect South & Central America, British India, US (especially Bureau issues through Washington/Franklin, and B.O.B. like State Tax stamps).

I'm currently "the treasurer" of Chang Qing Long, the Pacific NW chapter of the CSS. My interest in joining the forum is to exchange ideas & information - to lend my "expertise" (limited though it may be) to others with questions, and to exchange information about topics I may have.

I'm a resident of Renton, WA, where I live with my wife, Bridget, her mother MaryAnn, and 3 cats - Hobgoblin, Independence, and Natasha, the latter being a recent immigrant (along with the mother-in-law) from Montana. I work at Microsoft as a software tester, so - as I tell my friends - you can blame me for the quality of Windows Vista. (Take that either way.) I frequent a few shows in the Seattle area, especially the Fenwick Show which appears at the Renton Holiday Inn, where you can see me hanging out with Willy Lin, Dennis Spice, Ed Loo and other members of the chapter.

I welcome any questions about odd stamps from China, especially in my areas of knowledge. I've collected for 30+ years, and if I don't know it, I'l make up a reasonable-sounding story!
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Re: Just Joined? - Please tell us something about yourself.

Post by tanmath »

I've collected China (pre-1950 only) and been a member of the CSS off and on since the early 60's -- CSS member #1213. At first I wanted to collect it all. But, Jake Williams urged me to be more specialized. It took a long time for Jake's recommendation to sink in. I finally narrowed my collecting to cancellations and postal history. The later began with Paul Chang's great publications. I retired in 2008 as an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics in the University of Wisconsin System. It's been difficult of late to justify expenditures on stamps that I had accustomed myself to prior to retirement. I have sold off some of my stamp collection, but hate to part with the bulk of it and have built into my will that whatever is left of my collection be given to the CSS when I die. I'd like to return to the cancellation collection which is still dearest to my heart.
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