cultural revolution stamps and FEC banknotes

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cultural revolution stamps and FEC banknotes

Post by illapulito »

I have lived in China twice.

First time was back in the late 1980's (pre-Tiananmen)
While travelling around China I remember buying an odd lot of stamps from a street vendor in Szechuan Province, this included some cultural revolution stamps.
At that time foreigners had to use FEC (foreign exchange certificates) although I was exempt I did keep a complete set (twice).

The second time, I picked up the booklet of facsimile of the "complete" series of Cultural Revolution period stamps. The paper was low grade quality and had a standard bottom right quarter cancellation stamp feature.
As I was there for a long time i started out replacing the facsimiles with originals. If I recall correctly I more or less completed the collection (but not the one very rare one !)

All the above have been kept in my holiday home. I will be visiting it soon. So I will be able to confirm what I have specifically.

As these items are stored in a drawer I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying any or all of them.

Finally, Tiananmen Square protest is typically referred to as the June 4th incident. I have a book published at the time with many photos of the incident. I have no idea how rare it is but it contains some rather extraordinary photos.

Would this be of interest to a buyer ?

Obviously in a few weeks I can give chapter and verse about the "collection" but I thought i would join the forum to see if there is any positive feedback warranting me taking these items out and bringing them back home with me (to sell)

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Re: cultural revolution stamps and FEC banknotes

Post by archiem »

Buying/selling stamps unseen is tricky business. Especially when you consider that many GPCR stamps are quite pricey.

Might I suggest you consign this collection to the CSS auction? CSS can provide some assurance to both the buyer and seller that the stamps are genuine and the seller will get paid.

You can contact the auction chair through the CSS website.

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