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Greetings from Washington DC

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:30 am
by lnadybal
While I've been a member of the CSS for a number of years, I only now have decided to see what the forum is about. I have a peripheral interest in China philately, because my main concentration is on postal history of Bhutan. During the Chinese cultural revolution, Bhutan was dispossessed of a number of exclaves it governed that surrounded Mt. Kailash. There was a Bhutan trade agent at Lhasa through which mail and messages between governments passed. Bhutanese fortress (Dzongs) dispatched mail to India and Bhutanese possessions near Kalimpong and Kathmandu using runners and the routes took the runners through the Chumbi valley between Bhutan and Sikkim. Covers from the 1954-61 period exist with Bhutanese postal fiscals affixed that carried the mail to Yatung post office, where Indian or Chinese stamps were affixed to pay onward transmission. Prior to 1954, stampless folded letters were carried, but these rarely have any Chinese markings on them.

I'm looking for any materials that relate to these aspects of Bhutanese philately that have touch points to China philately.

Len Nadybal -