Greetings from Princeton NJ!

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Re: Greetings from Princeton NJ!

Post by michaelsu76 »

I have to give you guys credit. Buying C94 off eBay is really risky unless you feel really good about the dealer.

I just bought from S57 from a connie_connie on Sunday night. I felt comfortable because she has good rep, takes returns, and I'm comfortable with the security marks on this set.

She had a good series of lots last week, a lot of W, and a nice looking set of perfd C94. I gave it a try but it got run up to about $1500, and I let up. That's way too high for a domestic sale. At that rate, I'd rather go against the agressive Mainlanders this fall at Rogers, JBull, or Interasia.

Two other guys on eBay, 1kodini23 and yupinqia0, are really really solid. Most of the fakes on eBay are easy to spot. And the no returns dealers are a no-no. I like the idea of buying up a bunch used for comparisons sake.

Rogers has the best hammer prices but higher commission. John Bull quality is middle of the road and their hammer prices are seemingly high. No deals at Interasia either, but I think their quality is top notch.

If there was a NJ chapter I'd join in a heartbeat. Just aren't that many collectors around anymore I suppose.

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Re: Greetings from Princeton NJ!

Post by Wilbur Yu »

Hi Michael,

Great to hear your experience! I have also bought some stamps from these three sellers, and I like them too. Appears buyers are willing to pay more for their items. 1kodini23 sold me a cancelled C94M and S61M, and his C94M helped me spot a modified one from a Mainland Chinese seller. yupinqia0 gets some stamps from legit sources and resell them. He is reselling C94 imperf blocks,

Wish I have the money for them. :-)

I also start turning my attention to auction houses these days. I still buy stamps off eBay once in a while, but take extreme caution.

Happy collecting!

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