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I just joined China Stamp Society less than a month ago. I started collecting stamps when I was young, then gave it up after my collection was stolen. Recently I am picking up my old hobby. I started with both PRC and Taiwan (issues before mid-1980s), and now starting to put my eyes on ROC and Imperial China. I am avoiding stamps with overprints at this time since I have very little knowledge to tell authenticity of them.

I hope I can find friends with common interests here to exchange experiences, as well as trusted sources where I can buy stamps from.

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Most Chinese stamp societies have their own online shop where you can buy stamps. EBay and auctions are not really save for beginners to purchase stamps, better always let everything expertize by experts, here I can suggest you the CSS ifself or the BPP (

For Liberated Area of China (forerunner for PRC) is some specialized Facebook group existing with around 400 members where you can also ask for free anytime. Link:

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