Back Again

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Back Again

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This is probably my third spell of membership. I rejoined in 2015, lapsed out last Fall then rejoined last month. Hope to stay around awhile this time.
My first membership was as a youngster back in the mid 1980's when I joined as a younger PRC collector. My experience then was a bit disappointing, it seemed there was very little in the Clipper about PRC; I think there may have been some lingering reluctance on this due to attitudes of some of the older members. I dropped out after a couple years. I am glad to see much of that has changed over time. Look forward to participation!

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Re: Back Again

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Welcome back, and we hope you have a better experience and stay.

I think your observations are valid to a point. Many of the "old hands" of Chinese philately did have a problem with the PRC.

But please note CSS is an all volunteer organization. So if you have any interests or expertise, we hope you will share. The Clipper has now been organized to cover one aspect of Chinese philately each issue, PRC is in the November issue. So there is time for you to write up something about your favorite or least favorite issue and send to the editor.

Welcome back!

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