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Hello Everyone

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Hi everyone,

I just rediscovered a stamp collection I had from a long time ago with a number of Chinese stamps. I haven't been into philately but this collection got me interested, and now I find myself examining all of the stamps and learning what I can. My first venture into this stamp world is to learn more about my Chinese stamps, among the others I have. If you have any information it would be helpful, as my knowledge is limited and it seems there are a hundred different combinations of things that could affect the stamp. It's quite confusing at first :) I've attached a scan of the stamps.

Thank you and it's great to meet you all, I hope to discuss many aspects of Chinese stamps with you in the future!

My Chinese Stamps
My Chinese Stamps
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Re: Hello Everyone

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Hello Ryan and welcome to the CSS forum.

Chinese philately can get confusing at times, that is for sure. Most of the stamps I see pictured have multiple printings and can certainly be cause for confusion.

I would suggest you get a good general stamp catalogue, and if you want to go further, a specialist China catalogue. Different catalogues are suitable for different reasons, so talk to a local shop owner or attend a stamp club nearby and talk to members.

In Chinese philately, knowledge is key.

But always remember that philately is about you enjoying what you have, and to collect in such a way that you continue to enjoy. Some people will try to get you to do things "the right way", and they are missing a lot. I cannot tell you all the different ways I have seen people collect, and I am not a dealer. Dealers must see many more ways collectors arrange and store their collections.

Best wishes, and make sure to post questions you need answered from time to time.

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