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New user to the forum

Post by Mike »

Hi All

I joined CSS about 2 months ago to better my knowledge of MLO's

I have been a collector for over 60 years with main interests in Early French Colonies, early Russian and Russian Civil war and more recently Manckukuo and MLO's. The latter mainly due to Simon's excellent web site on this subject.

I reside in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. Lovely place with the best vineyards in the world.


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Re: New user to the forum

Post by ian »

Hello there.

I am a new member of you society, just received my first copy of the China Clipper.

I am very impressed by your society in its amount of knowledge and experience.

As far as China is concerned I have been collecting for many years but only recently tried to organize the stamps. I only collect prior to 1946.

Consequently most of my stamps are of the various Sun Yet Sen varieties.

However I find that I have over a hundred with overprints that I cannot identify using the usual Scott catalogs. If some member can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I have read about a Ma catalog and would appreciate your opinions about that also.

I have hundreds of questions but this will do for now.

Looking forward to your replies. Thank you and keep safe.

Ian Greig
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